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Cars We Remember: 10 orphan-brand future collectibles to buy now

April 26, 2019

You hear “They don’t make ’em like that anymore” a lot when you drive a vintage car, but it’s especially true when you drive an orphan car — one from a brand that no longer exists.


We’ve got 10 that you should think about buying right now, because their prices are only going up.


The truth is that all vintage cars are on the rise now. Hagerty Classic Car Insurance provides a valuation tool that shows trends in the collector car market, and even cars in their “affordable” index (like the AMC Javelin, second-gen Chevrolet Camaro and Datsun 240Z) have jumped markedly in the past years. Orphan cars are no different.


Most of these cars are brands that don’t exist at all, but a few are from brands that exist elsewhere and haven’t been sold in the United States for decades.


Citroen 2CV

Citroen is still in business around the world, but it abandoned the United States market a quarter of a century ago. The 2CV was as ubiquitous as the Volkswagen Beetle in France but it never caught on here, making them pretty thin on the ground these days. Yet they’ve never achieved the crazy prices that rare cars often do.


The Citroen 2CV had exactly the same mission as the Beetle: provide solid, reliable transportation for a nation torn apart by the Second World War. The deux-cheveaux (literally “two-horse”) is a front-wheel drive powered by an air-cooled, horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine, not unlike the engine you’ll find powering a BMW motorcycle of the same era.


The 2CV is the weirdest car you’ll ever drive, with a gear shift that sticks out of the dashboard, doors that open backward, windows that hinge upward — and the most compliant ride of any car ever built. They’re fun to drive, they can be taken apart with basic hand tools, and they can travel at pretty-near highway speeds.




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