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Rétromobile 2019: the Citroën Chapron exhibition

February 7, 2019

In 2019, we celebrated 100 years of Citroën but also the 100 years of the installation of the workshops of the bodybuilder Henri Chapron in Levallois (92). A collector exhibits his 18 Citroën Chapron on this occasion.


This is the surprise of Rétromobile 2019 , the exhibition of a rare collection of 18 Citroën Chapron models . The project was not finalized until September 2018, because the owner of the cars wanted to have a good surface for his stand and that this one is in the immediate vicinity of that of Lukas Hüni (see article Lancia exhibition) which is a friend. Therefore, it was not on the official program of the show realized much earlier. 

The owner of these beautiful cars, a man who wants to remain discreet, we understand, has a copy of each model Citroen Chapron. There are still others in stock. Only missing a call Citroën SM Opera sedan he has sold recently.

Cabriolet Chapron "La Croisette"


Coupe "The Dandy"


Whether it's Citroën DS , Citroën SM or  Citroën CX , on this huge stand, you'll be thrilled. From the very first production of Henri Chapron for Citroën through DS Lorraine, Cabriolets Le Dandy and other La Croisette or Palm Beach, they are all more beautiful than the others.


All restored except one!

One of them, however, escapes the rule, it is a coupe "The Concorde" in a sad state. This car was owned by a restaurant owner of Meursault in Burgundy. According to legend, the whimsical man parked his car in the village square and painted inscriptions on the bodywork for people with whom he had disputes.


But it is not one of them who, in retaliation, vandalized the car. No, it is the restorer himself who put it in this state, following the separation he did not support from his wife, who used the vehicle.   

This collection was composed in about fifteen years. For information, no car is for sale on this stand. This exhibition was organized with the sole purpose of celebrating 100 years of Citroën and the 100 years of the installation of Chapron workshops in Levallois. A nice non-profit initiative.




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