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Citroën prototypes in pictures (second part)

January 14, 2019

Second part of our saga dedicated to Citroën concepts. The 90s / 2000s were rich in vehicles of all kinds, but many of them inspired series models.


Citroën Berlingo Beach Coupe (1996)

This concept is more convincing, but it will never pass the stage of the series.

Citroën Berlingo Flanerie Sbarro (1999)

The Citroën Berlingo MPV inspired Franco Sbarro a lot. This exclusive discovery version with 9 seats was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. She found a buyer for the auction at Leclere auction for € 10,640.

Citroën Osmose Concept (2000)

Citroën is exploring the future with this hybrid vehicle. It tells pedestrians the direction it takes. It's a little carpool today. Gilles Vidal is the author.

Citroën Osee (2001)

A line inspired by the 70s for this concept signed Pininfarina. The engine is a V6 petrol of 210 hp.

Citroen Xsara Picasso Cup Sbarro (2002)

Realize a WRC rally car on a minivan basis, you had to dare! If the engine claims only 250 hp, the aesthetic changes are much more radical.

Citroën C-Airdream (2002)

With his Aston Martin tunes, his design is particularly successful, and the aerodynamics very neat with a Cx of 0.28.

Citroen C8 Oxygen Sbarro (2002)

With the cutting of its flanks that open to form an outdoor lounge, this C8 is very aptly named. This complex model is not rolling, but she found a taker 8 960 euros at the auction Leclere.

Citroën C-AirPlay (2005)

A small city car with a retractable roof, the C-AirPlay shows the path of a completely different vehicle. With its smooth sides, its large windshield and graphic design of its front (imposing headlights, trapezoidal mouth, rounded shape of the front wings ...), it announces the second generation of C4 Picasso.

Citroën C-Buggy (2006)

With this buggy variant, Citroën goes even further! It was presented in May 2006 at the Madrid show.




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