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Rare Group B Homologation Survivor: 1987 Citroen BX 4TC

November 10, 2018

This 1987 Citroen BX 4TC (VIN VF7XBXL0000XL0069) is one of very few of the Group B homologation specials left, as most of the 200 built per FIA regulations were bought back and destroyed by the French firm following the infamous formula’s cancellation in 1986. Much of this scenario has since been blamed on the car’s lackluster performance and reported quality issues, some of which may have stemmed from the fact that 4TCs were largely hand-built due to mechanicals which differed extensively from what was used in standard BX models. The car’s very long front overhang is due to longitudinal placement of its 200 hp four, as opposed to transverse setups seen in the rest of the BX range–the retainment of trademark Citroen oleopneumatic suspension was also very unusual for a rally car. We’re always pleased to see survivors up for sale, which isn’t often, and fortunately this one looks to be in particularly impressive condition. Find it here at Osenat in Fontainebleau, France, where it will be auctioned on 11/11/18 with pre-sale estimates ranging from 40k-60k euros (~$45k-$68k USD today). Special thanks to BaT reader Kyle K. for this submission.

Gandini’s design for these cars was funky to begin with, a theme only enhanced here with a loooong nose extension, asymmetrical wheels, flared fenders, and the 4TC’s unique fascia and lighting. There’s no word on how this one managed to escape the crusher, but the ad does claim that it’s been with the seller since 2000.

Aside from the box flares the rear view is pretty sedate, though it’s fun to imagine flames spewing from the exhaust on the overrun. Check out those 4TC graphics.

Patriotic blue, white and red stripes are also part of the package. Note the recessed rear door handles as made necessary by the flares.

Described as “like new,” the interior does show very well. With Citroen’s long history of funky interiors (especially dashes and steering wheels), this cabin looks relatively conventional apart from the very pronounced switch binnacle around the instrument panel. Seats look comfy and sufficiently grippy to keep one in place while driving forward and looking through the side window.

This is not regular production Citroen stuff from any decade, but we’ve rarely seen a cooler dash. It looks almost like it was lifted from a military aircraft, and in true Group B fashion the boost gauge sits front and center.

Mounted longitudinally under the hood, the  N9TE engine sourced from the Simca 180 was turbocharged for use in the 4TC. Oddly, the regular BX didn’t use this engine layout, and so the nose had to lengthened to Cyrano-ic proportions. The engine produces 200 hp and 217 lb. ft. passed through a 5-speed gearbox (sourced from the Citroen SM) and onto a four-wheel-drive system. Both axles feature limited-slip differentials and locking was provided for the rear differential. The car is said to start quickly, suspension reportedly works well, and the “speeds pass without problems.” Invoices for all maintenance since 2000 are included, and the latest round of work reportedly included attention paid to the brakes, a ball joint, and a suspension accumulator sphere.




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