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Citroën restores a 2CV van for the World Cup!

October 23, 2018

On the Citroën stand at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, you will of course find all the brand's new products. But, hanging on the wall, like a canvas master, a 2CV van of 1967 will attract attention. Explanations.


There was a time when the past was taboo at Citroën. Indeed, until the early 2000s, there was no question of evoking the mythical models of yesteryear.


Since then, the era has changed and, at the time of the Mondial de l'Auto 2018 , the brand proudly exhibits a 2CV Van of 1967 that is just coming out of restoration. In 2018, the Citroën 2CV celebrates its seventieth anniversary.

Hanging like a painting

This 2CV van from 1967 is gleaming.
Clinging vertically to the wall, like a masterpiece (Picasso is no longer current in Citroën ...), this very particular utility version is distinguished by its very bright orange color. To facilitate attachment and prevent fluid leakage, the motor has not been reinstalled. Entirely dismantled and fully restored, it will be put back in place afterwards.  
 Everything has been completely redone, the "lace" has disappeared 

 ... the body panels are new.


This shade of orange is also the only sprain to a strictly original restoration, since at the beginning this car was painted in green. 

A shade wanted by Citroën to make the link with that of the new  Citroën  C5 Aircross  and with the colorful keys that customize the recent models of the brand ( Berlingo , C3and C3 Aircross ).


This 2CV van was at the origin of a completely different shade.



An emotional owner
Damien Boiteux, the owner is very moved to rediscover his newer than new car.
This project has an exceptional human dimension. This restoration was carried out in five months by the Aventure Peugeot-Citroën-DS, the structure in charge of promoting the heritage of the PSA Group's brands. 

The owner of the car, Damien Boiteux, is a great collector of double chevron models. He who works at Peugeot since 1990, owns about twenty Citroen, mainly 2CV and its derivatives. Nevertheless, he sprained this principle when he got hold of a Citroen Type H .
Damien, inspects his car ...
... the smallest details.
We had the privilege of attending the handing over of the keys to its owner at the Citroën Conservatory in Aulnay-sous-Bois (93) , a historic site where a large number of Citroën's have been stored since the origins of the brand in 1919.
Under a red tarpaulin conforming to that which covers, before delivery, any new model, the 2CV van wisely wait for the reaction of its owner.


Discovering his car, newer than new, Damien is moved " She is superb! He says and adds, " I'll make him a place in my living room to admire him." 

Orange aesthetics 

This 2CV van has a rare back seat. She has four places.


This declination of orange that has never been proposed on a 2CV van - we remember the light orange tone of the Citroen 2CV Spot launched in 1976 - suits him very well. This car has another feature, it is equipped with a second pair of side windows and a seat at the rear. 

Originally, the upholstery ...


... was already green.


It is in a way the ancestor of the modern MPV, which allows the manufacturer to make the link with the new Berlingo which is present on its stand of the World in two lengths of bodywork, Berlingo M and Berlingo XL .


Ice cream yes, but Glaçauto!

The special feature of this 2CV Fourgonnette is this double pair of side windows.


The 2CV Damien offers a modular as basic as tested, this back seat added at the time by the company Glaçauto , which also posed the extra glazing, folds its back and then folds into the wallet on the back of the front seats.


Moreover, to facilitate access to the rear seats, the front seats are mounted on slides and can tilt forwards. This is still pretty rudimentary, but we did not find better. During the entire 2018 Paris Motor Show (October 4-14), she will remain "vertically" on the stand. Then, she will find her engine to finally return to the garage of Damien who lives in the East of France.




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