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Look how the world's smallest food truck (a 2CV) was revealed!

May 16, 2018

Ever seen a Citroën 2CV food truck? How about one dangling from a helicopter? Welcome to 2CVat70, the record-breaking project just revealed at Bicester Heritage

Andrew Mellon’s 2CVat70 Project has landed for its first public appearance at Bicester Heritage – celebrating seven decades of Citroën’s iconic Deux Chevaux.


The project has transformed a typical 1985 2CV Dolly into what is now recognised as the world’s smallest food truck; complete with two sinks, a four-ringed hob, a charcoal oven and food preparation station.


Designed to educate on the topic of food waste, the Citroën Kitchen will embark on a continental road trip to feed the people after appearing at the London Motor Show later this month.


Mellon, managing partner of 2CVat70, said: ‘The 2CV turned 70 this year, so we had to celebrate in style! We saw the opportunity to educate the nation about food waste. With sixteen partners involved, the entire project is British designed and built, and we were delighted to host the unveiling at Bicester Heritage.’

Flown in by helicopter, the 2CV even managed to kick out some tyre smoke as it charged down off the landing platform. Once in the hangar after it’s aerial debut, the team set about installing the tailored oven. It was no vanity show, however; the 2CV wasn’t allowed to fly with the oven installed. Only at Bicester Heritage…


Gutted, converted and completed from conception to finished product by a team of 50 people over only 90 days, scooting past donned in unique livery and satin wrap, the Citroën features £60k of gifted product. That includes a bespoke awning that connects to the roof and a one-off charcoal oven specifically designed to replace the 2CV’s rear seats. We can bet you’ve never heard that before.

‘I saw it on a forecourt and thought; that would be a fun thing to turn into a food truck!’ Mellon told AutoClassics. ‘It’s only taken 90 days to turn her into what stands before us now. The rebuild cost £35k and there’s over £60k of gifted product in there. She’s a very popular girl! My favourite feature has to be the charcoal oven, although the wrap is incredible. The guys did a great job!’


Apparently, the Government has requested that Andrew and his 2CV set out their stall outside the Houses of Parliament. But not before it’s been around Britain – there’s even a world record attempt being set up to serve the largest number of cheese soufflés over the course of an hour. We’ll bring you updates on this inimitable feat as it happens.



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