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TO BE OR NOT 2CV? Can you guess how much this humble 1950s Citroen 2CV is worth now?

May 2, 2018

The Citroen 2CV is one of the most iconic cars of all time and is famous for delivering cheap-as-chips motoring - but not in this case


THE humble Citroen 2CV pretty much sums up cheap, basic motoring - until now.

This rare model has emerged for sale priced at an eye-watering £110,000.

2CV Sahara 4x4 is expected to sell for a mind-blowing £110,000


It's one just 700 4x4 Sahara models ever made by Citroen.


And experts believe less than 100 survived with just 30 in usable, running condition.

That makes it one of the rarest cars around and likely to fetch the incredible sum at auction.


The one for sale has a dark grey body, a spare wheel mounted on the bonnet and a full-length retractable sunroof.

Rare Citroen has a spare wheel mounted on its bonnet


Inside there is a spacious but basic interior which includes four grey and white striped seats and a white steering wheel.


The classic economy car was incredibly pioneering when it was first released, mainly thanks to it being powered by two 12bhp engines.


One engine sent power to the front wheels while the other was responsible for the rear.


It was a ground-breaking and innovative piece of design for the late 1950s, and with both engines running the quirky Citroen could reach a top speed of 65mph

2CV was motoring on a shoestring - but not this model


The car was originally built with the intention of conquering the difficult terrain and climate in France's North African colonies.


At the time the car, which hardly had any luggage space because of the extra engine, cost about £715 (9,830 Francs), double the price of a standard 2CV.

The 60-year-old interior is extremely basic


In 1962, following Algeria's independence, Citroen dropped the 'Sahara' name and the car became the '2CV 4x4'.


Philip Kantor, of auctioneers Bonhams which is selling the 2CV, said: "These cars are still very popular, partly due to their rarity.

Sahara 4x4 was built to tackle tough terrain and conditions


"The 2CV celebrates its 70th birthday this year, and this rare special edition would make the perfect addition to an enthusiasts fleet.


"There are thought to be fewer than 100 still around today, about 30 of which are in usable, running condition. This one is in fantastic condition and it was comprehensively restored in 2015.

2CV 4x4 cost a little over £700 when new - twice that of the standard car




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