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Citroen CX clearance sale!

April 26, 2018

Desperate for a CX? There are 148 for sale in a Dutch barn...

It's not often that you come across a Citroen CX nowadays. It went out of production more than a quarter of a century ago and, while more than a million were made in a 16-year production run, HowManyLeft suggests the GTI Turbo is now the most common CX remaining in the UK. With 23 registered.


So the discovery of nearly 150 CXs for sale in Holland really is quite some find, even if they are all of course European cars. More than that some of them look like real sheds, too; that's not Shed with an uppercase 'S', either, but proper basket cases: crapped on, damaged and probably not worth a huge amount of anybody's effort.

There are some more intriguing and worthwhile CXs in this treasure trove of tat, though. And there really is a CX for everyone here, with Phase 1 and Phase 2 cars, hatches and estates, diesel cars, petrol cars and even an ambulance. There are cars with nearly 400,000km on them and some with comfortably less than 100k.


Highlights? Well there's clearly only so much you can tell from one pic and the bare minimum of info, although the ambulance certainly stands out. Other than that a Phase 2 GTI Turbo appeals for a seemingly straight body, as do the incredible array of Gris Perle 'Break' estates. Check out the Scandinavian import GTI, too, with heated leather seats and less than 100,000km.

Prices understandably vary quite a lot, seemingly dependent on whether anything is alive (or was recently alive) in your prospective CX. Some cars simply have 'Bid!' written by them in a rather demanding fashion, with others in price bands and costing anything from €500 to €8,000. It's a niche collection, even by classic car standards, but there might be some useful parts here for UK-based CXers. Get the van over to Holland now, and perhaps a trailer if you're feeling brave...



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