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Oui S’il Vous Plaît! 1968 Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette

February 5, 2018

Si vous aimez les véhicules inhabituels autant que j’aime les véhicules inhabituels… I mean, if you like unusual vehicles as much as I like unusual vehicles, then surely a 1968 Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette is on your radar. Yes, please! This example is listed on eBay in Falls Church, Virginia with a $9,900 buy it now price or you can make an offer. Given recent prices for Fourgonnette examples, this seems like a reasonable price.

With a one-ton payload.. just kidding of course. The rear is really jacked up, though. The 2CV was made in post-WWII France as a way to give people cheap, basic transportation. They were made for four decades, from 1948 to 1988. 1988 seems like it’s so recent but it’s 30 years ago now, I still can’t get it through my head that it’s so long ago. They were made in Portugal from 1988 to 1990, also. 1.2-million Fourgonnette delivery vans were produced, that’s a pretty amazing number given that very few of them made it over to the US.

I wouldn’t think that the yellow headlights would be legal in all US states, but I must be wrong. The van, or Fourgonnette, was the workhorse of the bunch. I absolutely love the corrugated-looking cargo compartment on these vans but don’t plan on hauling as much as you’re used to hauling with your American SUV. One thing to keep in mind, the seller talks about “some rust in the rear cross member and the passenger footwell.”

The photos are more like an art student’s two-year photography degree thesis rather than serious photos meant to sell a vehicle, but again, they are what they are. They’re cool photos, no question about it, but cool photos aren’t the best for selling a vehicle – boring, centered, everything-in-focus, entire-vehicle-in-the-frame photos are the best. But I’m preaching to the choir. The seats actually look comfortable even though they’re sort of like a hammock or a lawn chair rather than a fully-supported seat. And don’t expect a headrest! These were tough work vehicles, after all, not plush commuter’mobiles.

The engine is a 435cc two-cylinder boxer engine which should have around 21-24 hp. It doesn’t seem like much but it was quite a bump from the 425cc engine with 16.5 hp. The seller says that it’s had a “full tune-up, with plugs, wires, coil, fluids, and a restored fuel bank.” I would absolutely love to have one of these l’il vans. For what? To use like any of my other oddball cars, just around town, driving them to local car shows, to the store, just to have fun with. Have any of you owned a 2CV?





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