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Concept of the week: the Citroen Revolte

October 3, 2017

The Citroen Revolte?

That’s not a typo. Revolte. Apparently it’s supposed to be a play on Volt and E because of the electric-hybrid powertrain. Read it aloud how you will. In any case, the Revolte was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2009 and drew inspiration from Citroen’s retro favourite: the 2CV. “We reviewed every aspect of the legendary 2CV to create the Revolte’s own distinctive, contemporary look,” Citroen explains.

It's quite purple.

Indeed. The company reckons the Revolte manages to combine luxury with a “touch of sass”, and is described as shunning “conventional car styling”. So, says Citroen, where the 2CV was ‘plain and neutral’, the Revolte is ‘luxurious and colourful’. Certainly a punchy little thing: the squat featherweight measures in at just 3.68m long, 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall. It’s all curves and sculpted sides and so forth. Insert your own ‘sass’ gif of choice here.

#selfie #duckface #sorrynotsorry

Well, quite. The front grille include airvents shaped like eyebrows, slim headlights and pouty lips split by the Citroen badging. It’s Instagram ready.

That's quite the interior.

It’s a three-seater layout a-la McLaren F1 (it’s the law to reference the McLaren F1 when talking about three-seater layouts, just FYI), with front-hinged front doors, and rear-hinged, um, rear doors. And while lots of brands are using the ‘lounge feeling’ buzzword, Citroen actually put a “contemporary meridian sofa” in the back. Perfect for lounging around and doing whatever else you do in your living room. Watching telly in your underwear, we suspect.

Lots of interesting materials in there, no doubt?

Yes. There’s woven black leather, thick crimson velvet and aluminium, along with a crystal-studded touch screen. We’re told that because of said interior, the Revolte is “a fashionable, glamorous and clearly feminine accessory to the driver’s modern lifestyle”. If only we could figure out who the Revolte is marketed at…


Perhaps the line about the multicoloured interior looking like a “make-up case” might proffer some guidance.

What's underneath?

A plug-in hybrid powertrain with a “small-capacity” petrol engine and electric motor, with an ability to run in full-electric, zero-emissions mode. For how long, we have no idea. It also gets a roof packed with solar cells, that help power the on-board systems and reduce the battery pack’s load.

And on top?

That folding roof (with those aforementioned solar cells) like the Fiat 500C. The whole thing was Citroen’s idea of making small cars ‘stylish’ as well as being practical. Citroen’s DS brand, you’ll note, also kicked off proper in 2009…




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