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Three 2CVs drive across a ploughed field to watch the Tour de France

July 10, 2017

This is the fantastic moment a group of spectators took following the Tour de France to a different level.


Instead of standing and watching the world famous bike race by the side of the road, this group took to three classic Citroen 2CVs to follow the cyclists.


Even better they can be seen trundling across a ploughed field – exactly what the 2CV was designed to do.


Each car is filled with people, all standing up with the canvas roof rolled back to watch the action live and keep alongside the peloton.


It makes for an amusing spectacle, and no doubt made the riders smile too.

Many took to Twitter to comment on the video, with one person saying: "Proof of just how amazing the suspension design on the 2CV was."


Another said: "Wouldn't be quite the same in the UK with racing Morris Marinas."






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