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Throwback Thursday: remember the Citroen Xanae, a jazzy concept and premonition of the Picasso?

May 18, 2017

The Citroen Xanae rolled into our lives at the 1994 Paris Motor Show.  It was more than just a concept – it was “functional” to some extent, capable of movement and therefore much more impressive than the static show cars that journos and punters were used to.  It was a huge success, stealing some of the limelight from the Alfa Romeo Spider and cleverly teased P38 Range Rover.


It was the era of the MPV. The Xanae was rubbing shoulders with some of the more memorable players of the people-moving world, including the legendary F1 Espace concept and the Ford Galaxy and Volkswagen Sharan, which would be produced together at the AutoEuropa facility in Portugal. This was the post-hatchback, pre-SUV age when estates were too small and MPVs were more accurately described as vans. The Xanae was designed to occupy the space in between.



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