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Order your Citroën Jumper Type H: versions and prices

May 11, 2017


After being presented last month, the project to transform the modern Citroën Jumper into a neo-retro replica of the venerable Type H is becoming reality today. Opening orders, prices, available versions: discover all the details.

The new kit should delight the nostalgic of the legendary Citroën Type H utility: the transformation kit presented by FC Automobili a short while ago will be available and will be available to order from May 15th . The details of the available offers are then presented to us, as well as the first rates.


Starting from 42,900 € before tax

Originally, this new Type H is equipped with a diesel engine 2.0 HDi of 130 ch, but it is possible to upgrade to the 160 ch version of this same block, for an additional cost of 1 000 €.

The Type H Panel van: the standard model of this neo-retro version of the legendary Citroën Type H.

The Type H Panel van: the standard model of this neo-retro version of the legendary Citroën Type H.


The Type H Panel Van  is the basic model of the new Type H, whose prices start at 42,900 € HT. If original, it is adorned with a shade "white ice", several metallic paints are available, for an additional cost of 500 €, of which an iridescent metallic gray which clearly refers to the ancestor.


The standard version of the vehicle is 4.96 m long, but two longer versions (5.41 m and 5.99 m) are also available. Similarly, if the useful height is at the base of 1.66 m, it can be increased to 1.93 m as an option. Compared to a standard version, the extra cost to have the longest and highest variant with a carrying capacity increased to 3500 kg is 4700 €.  

Various options are available, including a Pallas pack, including a leather interior, chrome wheel covers, painted body color plastic veneers, or rear parking sensors. This one is invoiced 3880 €.


Type H Minibus


The Type H Minibus  is the second version available to the order as of May 15, starting from 48 600 € HT. With nine seats, it is the version dedicated to the transport of people.


Six other versions

Finally, other variants of the Type H will arrive later:

Type H Four Wheel Drive: version with four-wheel drive available from September 2017.

Type H Towtruck: version intended for towing vehicles, available from December 2017.

Type H Camper: motorhome version with raised roof, available from December 2017.

Type H Food Truck: available from December 2017.


Type H Campervan: light camper, combi type, available from 2018.

Once the 70 units have been sold, the Italian company will propose starting from 2018 to assemble the kit on a new vehicle or that the customers already own. A conversion that can be achieved on the Citroën Jumper, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato since 2006. And in 2019 , it will even be possible to buy a kit to do the transformation yourself.




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